Week Two: Caption THIS!


PB said...

"Who said they didn't want pickles?"

Duncks said...

"If two execs are going to the CEO's house, one leaving at 2:15pm and one leaving at 3:42pm, how long will it take before they are fighting for that promotion on the foyer floor?"

Linda D said...

I think that guy has aabout 100 lice crawling around on his head - and the guy next to him has terrible dandruff!

Terry said...

Hey, I thought we were on The Amazing Race. It feels more like we are on Big Brother with this big eye looking over me.

chris h. said...

Oswald: Clearly the man adjusting his tie has mother-issues...perhaps even an Oedipus complex.

Eric: I quite agree, esteemed colleague. And notice the bizarre vacant stare of the younger subject near you. Perhaps the stare represents a Pavlovian response to as-yet unrecognized stimuli.

Oswald: True, true, good fellow.

Adam said...

"..and then I'll add a little smiley face here and maybe a little stick doggie over here. Oh, and birds too! This is the best Race Evah!!"

Mouth of the Fringe said...

Is this REALLY how they decide who is the next Apprentice?

Anonymous said...



zoe said...

"k-u-h-d-a-l- this is too damn hard. will someone please tell me how to spell codelco?"