Week One Bonus Questions Summaries & Final Hints

Question One: Which team is actually making their third appearance on The Amazing Race?
  • Hint One: Hot Dog!
  • Hint Two: Jackass.
Question Two: What do David and Mary, Duke and Lauren, The Cho Brothers, Rosie O'Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Gloria Estefan, and I have in common?
  • Hint One: I'm so excited, I could puke! Well, I will if I don't take my dramamine.
  • Hint Two: It would be appropriate if the host of Nashville Star was pictured instead of Gloria Estefan, but I'm glad she isn't.
  • Hint Three: A picture of me holding a luggage tag which reads "NCL Jewel AFT"
  • Hint Four: It's -30 outside, but I just bought flip flops at Old Navy. They'll come in handy.
  • Hint Five: I'm not sure if David and Mary have a room with a view, but they got a room from The View. I don't have a room with a view, but I don't frickin' care.
  • Hint Six: There will be no premiere party at my house. Someone else will be running the pool the first week, since I don't think I'll have access to any broadcast TV, and internet access is 75 cents a minute.

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