Pool Rules

Rules will stay the same as last season. And, here they are!

Each pool participant will pick four teams. No two pool participants can have the same combination of four teams. This is to eliminate the chance of a tie.

Based on what happens in each episode, people will receive the following points:

1. Place at the Pitstop
First Place: 100 points
Second Place: 90 points
Third Place: 80 points
Fourth Place: 70 points
Fifth Place: 60 points
Sixth Place: 50 points
Seventh Place: 40 points
Eighth Place: 30 points
Ninth Place: 20 points
Tenth Place: 10 points
Eleventh Place: 5 points

2. Team Uses the Fast Forward: 100 points

3. Team uses their Yield: 50 points

4. Team Gets Yielded: -50 points

5. Screen shows the team "currently in first place": 10 points

6. Screen shows the team "currently in last place": -10 points

7. Only team to complete a detour option: 20 points

8. Team gives up on a detour option: -10 points

9. MONKEY points: a team says monkey, 10 points. They show a monkey on the screen, 5 points to all teams.

10. Team says the quote that is the episode title: 10 points

Active Participation Points:
Bonus Questions: Answer the weekly bonus question: 40 points
Media: send me an article to post on the blog, have been to one of the places and send me a photo to post on the blog, etc: 5 points

The ADAM rule is still in effect. In order to be eligible for media points, here are some ground rules:

  1. You must have already sent in an answer to that week's bonus question.
  2. You may earn a maximum of 100 bonus points per week (i.e. 40 bonus question, 60 media articles).

As a reminder, I am playing for real again this time. So be on your guard. I'm going to kick ass this time around.

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