Week Four: Caption THIS!

Two pictures to choose from, because I found them both really funny.


Terry said...

Teri - Nothing says loving like getting a kiss from your fish after a hard day at the office.

Terry said...

Fish: "Hey, Marna give me a high fin."

Anonymous said...

..."and it's GOOD!"

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Terri is attempting Monty Python's Fish Slapping Dance.

Check out the link:



Duncks said...

"Yes, fish slap calm me."

Anonymous said...

Eric again,

This link is even better:


Anonymous said...

Yuk! These fish sure are bold! I'd slap him in the face except I don't want to have to touch him again!


Mouth of the Fringe said...

you'd like it better, down where it's wetter, under the sea!

Zoe said...

#1 - waaaah; fish are scary; i'm almost as much of a whiny crybaby as that busty blonde bimbo who's trying to keep up with her boyfriend even though she's "just a girl"
#2 "slap my fish up"

Anonymous said...

Terri - Anyone got two pieces of bread and some tarter sauce?!?

Marna – That fish was the best tango I ever danced!

-PB (it won't let me log in to blogger?)

Anonymous said...

fish heads
fish heads
roly poly fish heads
fish heads
fish heads
eat them up


Boutros said...

"I didn't travel all this way to be mooned by a fish!"

"A gal so tough, she puts on her makeup with a flounder!"

chris h said...

Teri: Is this what Ian is talking about when he says I'm a cold fish?!?

Adam said...

"Pffffftt" Mirna (or Schmirna??) was very offended that the fish would pass gas directly in her face.

Teri's new automatic fanning device was proving to be a lot more work than the villager had led her to believe it would be.

Linda said...

Top photo: Isn't what they said snake charmers do? It doesn't seem to work with this fish!

Bottom photo: You always have to kiss a few fish before you find your prince!